Radiance of the Golden Enchanter

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This card has been specially prepared for Mesut Çevik.

This card is included only in Support Pack, and this pack is shown below. You can click on the pack to learn all the details and how you can acquire it.

Each card has its own unique rarity, which you can see in the features section at the bottom of the card.

This card belongs to the Epic class. As you can see at the top right corner of the page, only 2 copies of this card have been produced. There are no other copies and there will never be.

As cards are drawn from different packages, the remaining number is displayed on the left side of the total card count at the top right corner. If all the cards are acquired by users, the phrase "Sold Out" will appear in the quantity field at the top right corner, indicating that it is no longer possible to directly acquire this card.

As the total number of cards decreases, their collection values may form over time. This value is entirely determined by market conditions and set by users.

By collecting this and other cards, you can earn various Gifts. When a card is used to get a gift, it is burned and its total number starts to decrease.

Although the cards are produced as digital assets, card owners can convert their cards into an NFT by pressing the Mint button, thanks to Blockchain technology. With this technology, the absolute ownership of the cards always belongs to their users, and users can withdraw their unique NFTs to their Web3 wallets linked to their profiles if they wish. If a collection value is also formed, they can monetize their cards as NFTs.

You can browse all the cards you have collected on ELYT on the My Cards page. Additionally, on the Card Combine page, you can merge your current cards to transform them into rarer generic cards. This way, you can also obtain the rare cards necessary to acquire the gifts on the Gifts page.

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