Muhiku Hediye Çeki Paketi

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Valentine's Day is approaching. Your loved ones are getting older, and time is running out to accumulate special days and unforgettable memories. Here is the opportunity you're looking for, coming to you with the collaboration of Muhiku.com and ELYT. Muhiku.com offers a solution to the hassle of searching for, acquiring, and sending gifts, with fantastic options beyond traditional presents.

You won't want to miss this package, which comes with very special cards as gifts and includes a Gift Voucher worth 250 TL that you can use for your purchases on Muhiku.com.

The cards distributed on ELYT have various rarity levels. With this package, one card ranging from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic to Legendary will come along with the Gift Voucher. By collecting these cards, you can earn the right to receive various Gifts on ELYT.

Moreover, by collecting and combining the three rose cards, which are most likely to appear, you can obtain one Generic Legend card.

The total quantity produced of each listed card and the probability percentage of it being in this package is stated on the respective card.

You can browse the cards you have collected on ELYT from the My Cards page. Additionally, on the Card Combine page, you can merge your current cards to transform them into rarer generic cards. This way, you can also obtain the rare cards necessary to acquire the gifts on the Gifts page.

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