The Foundation - Small Support Pack

Of 300

This is a special package prepared for Yusuf Canpolat (Jestman). By purchasing this package, you can support your favorite Influencer.

Each package contains a random card from the special card collection listed below. You can earn various Gifts by collecting these cards.

Cards distributed on ELYT have various rarity levels. This pack, produced in 300 pieces, can contain only one of the Common, Uncommon or Rare cards. Epic and Legend cards are shown below as part of the collection and are not included in this pack.

The total produced amount of each card listed below, and the percentage chance of getting out of this pack, are listed on the relevant card. This support package gives you a higher chance of accessing rarer cards that you cannot get with the free promotional package.

The total number produced of each card listed below and the percentage chance of it appearing in this package are located on the respective card. This support package offers you a higher chance to access rarer cards that you cannot get with the free distributed promotional package.

You can browse the cards you have collected on ELYT from the My Cards page. Additionally, on the Card Combine page, you can merge your current cards to transform them into rarer generic cards. This way, you can also obtain the rare cards necessary to acquire the gifts on the Gifts page.

To get free distributed Promotional packages, you can first follow our social media accounts to catch various opportunities. Another way to regularly receive Promotional packages is to subscribe to Social Media accounts of Yusuf Canpolat (Jestman) and turn on notifications. You can get your promotional package by scanning the special QR code or click on a special link shared in those channels.