The Cubes

Of 750

This is a promotional package prepared for Workcube. You can get free promotional packages by following Workcube social media accounts, participating in its events and using the announced methods.

Cards distributed on ELYT have various rarity levels. This pack includes only Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legend cards. Only one of total 750 cards will be included in your package, with a specified rarity.You can see the designs of these cards in the "Cards in the deck collection" section below.

The total number produced of each card listed below and the percentage chance of it appearing in this package are located on the respective card.

You can browse the cards you have collected on ELYT from the My Cards page. Additionally, on the Card Combine page, you can merge your current cards to transform them into rarer generic cards. This way, you can also obtain the rare cards necessary to acquire the gifts on the Gifts page.

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